Practical Advice for Gentle Christian Parenting

I’m creating this document for mamas who are looking for some practical advice for Gentle Christian Parenting and Disciplining which, for me, means no spanking (calm or otherwise), yelling or shaming.

So, here is a collection of blog posts, articles, personal experiences, books, etc. that are meant to be helpful and not to start a debate or argument. But as a side note, I’m happy to discuss this topic with anyone who wants to explore spanking and what the Scriptures say about it. Just send me an email.  Additionally, if you know of a book or blog post that would be a great addition to this list, please comment below!

Gentle Christian Mothers Resource Page for Gentle Discipline: (has links to other resources)

Side note: Gentle Christian Mothers also has a message board wherein you can discuss various topics related to gentle Christian parenting.  You can create an account and be totally anonymous which can be helpful for some people when seeking help or sharing (whereas on Facebook everyone knows who you are!!!).  The other nice thing about the message board is that it is easier to find topics that others are discussing.  One of the drawbacks about Facebook groups is that when you have a great discussion and later want to find that discussion, even when using the search function, you may not be able to find it — which is why I am a huge fan of creating documents in the files tab.  Anyway, if you want to join the GCM message board, go here:

Gentle Parenting Resource Guide (by L.R. Knost):
Includes the following posts:



I found this compiled list of gentle parenting (positive discipline) books from the Gentle Christian Mothers board that I mentioned above.


Arnall, Judy – Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or briberyBailey, Becky – Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline (See past discussions about this book.)

Budd, Linda – Living With the Active Alert Child: Groundbreaking Strategies for Parents

Campbell, Ross – How to Really Love Your Child 

Chou, Grace P. – Disciplining Children with Confidence

Clark, Jean Illsley – Self-Esteem: A Family Affair and Time-In: When Time-Out Doesn’t Work

Clarkson, Clay – Heartfelt Discipline: The Gentle Art of Training and Guiding Your Child

Clarkson, Sally – The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christ’s Example in Reaching the Hearts of Our Children

Cohen, Lawerence – Playful Parenting

Colorosa, Barbara – Kids Are Worth It

Crary, Elizabeth – Dealing With Disappointment D-F

Faber, Adele and Elaine Mazlich -How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen and Listen So Your Kids Will Talk and Sliblings Without Rivalry

Flower, Hillary – Adventures in Gentle DisciplineG-K

Gordon, Thomas – Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children

Kimmel, Tim – Grace-Based Parenting

Kohn, Alfie – Unconditional Parenting

Kurcinka, Mary Sheedy – Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles and Raising Your Spirited Child 

L-PLeo, Pam – Connection Parenting

Lutton, Crystal – Biblical Parenting and Grace-Based Living.

McKay, Matthew – When Anger Hurts Your Kids

McKay, Pinky – Parenting By Heart, Toddler Tactics, Sleeping like a Baby and 100 Ways to Calm the CryingNelsen, Jane – all Positive Discipline books (note: the ones for younger children are not AP), and Jodi’s fav Positive Discipline A to Z

Neufeld, Gordon and Gabor Mate – Hold On To Your Kids – jujubnme says, “He talks about parent-orientation vs. peer-orientation. Very insightful, and good information on parenting from connection. Although it applies for all ages, it’s an excellent resource for parents of school-aged kids.”

Pantley, Elizabeth – Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging & Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate – kauaidee says, “She does recommend time outs but I found overall her discipline style very gentle. It is one of the most practical books I’ve read which is what I need right now. I feel like I’ve got the concept of GBD down but I need ideas and this one gave me lots. Plus she also had a chapter on dealing with anger as a parent which is something I struggle with.”; The No-Cry Discipline Solution; and Perfect Parenting: The Dictionary of 1,000 Parenting TipsQ-T

Sears, William – The Discipline Book and The Successful Child

Tobias, Cynthia Ulrich – You Can’t Make Me But I Can Be Persuaded

Turansky, Scott and Joanne Miller – Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes…in You and Your Kids

 U-ZWipfler, Patty – Listening to Children series at Hand in Hand Parenting Website

Whitehurst, Teresa – Jesus on Parenting

Wyckoff, Jerry and Barbara C. Unell – Discipline Without Shouting or SpankingNot discipline but awesome for every parent:

DeBecker, Gavin – Protecting the Gift

Cloud, Henry and John Townsend – Boundaries – cornflower says, “I’ve heard that Boundaries with Kids is punitive, though, so perhaps stay away from it.”

VanVonderen, Jeff – Families Where Grace is in Place

For kids:Bang, Molly – When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry…

Fox, Mem – Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild! – SL says, “It’s about a mom who yells after having a lot of patience with a normal little girl, and then they have a big pillow fight. I’m not sure if everyone would like that or not. But, it was good for us because yelling is my downfall. I read that one and the Molly Bang one everynight for Porter for almost 2 years. He loved those books and they were good for me, too.”

Joose, Barbara M. – Mama, Do You Love Me? – jujubnme says, “A little Native Alaskan girl asks her mother if she loves her and quizzes her about a bunch of ‘what if’ situations–one of my favorites: ‘What if I put salmon in your parka, ermine in your mittens and lemmings in your mukluks?’ The mother answers ‘I would be angry [or surprised, worried, etc. in other scenarios]. But still I would love you.’ It’s very sweet and Julius liked all the arctic animals.”


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