Praise report and a recommendation

I wrote the following a few days ago and posted it on Facebook.  I thought that it would be good to publish it as a blog post.

I just have to share a few awesome things that have happened to me in the past 24 hrs. First, I have to HIGHLY recommend this blow-you-over 4-part series on prayer. Here is the first part of the series: The second thing started about a month ago. In the past month, I have been learning about speaking directly to the problem (sickness, etc.). I am praying that a specific heart-wrenching issue that is plaguing a dear loved one will be bound, plucked up by the roots and cast into the sea in the name of Jesus who has provided for our healing with His shed blood on the cross. I’ve encountered helpful teachings but I was looking for more. Do any of you, readers, deal with physical or spiritual issues according to Matt 18:18, Mk 11:22-24 and Luke 17:6? If so, can you recommend any resources? I did find that aforementioned blog series in which he recommends a book. Anyway, last night I was in a somewhat desperate situation in which I had to speak to a problem. I was the last person at the 577 after my class and it was 4 degrees outside and my car wouldn’t start and my phone was almost dead. My husband didn’t answer his phone and I was sure that he had gone to bed for the night and put his phone on airplane mode. So, I called a towing company but it would have been over an hour wait and I didn’t have enough cash for the service call anyway. I told them that I would call back if I couldn’t find another tow company to come more quickly. I felt prompted in my spirit to try the car one more time. I laid my hands on the car and bound up whatever was preventing it from starting. I prayed in the Spirit for a few moments and then tried again. Thank you, LORD! The car started. I wasn’t sure how or if I would share that story but I definitely want to give God the glory and ask you, my friends, to rejoice with me in this!



About thecrunchymamachronicles

I'm a woman obsessed with the amazing, everlasting, lavish, never-failing LOVE of the Heavenly Father through Jesus. It's my favorite thing to meditate on and to write about. His expression of love has radically transformed me from a joyless, miserable person to the me who is full of joy and love for others because of my radical identity as the beloved of God. I am devoted to my husband and to gently parenting our three boys with Jesus as my model of the ultimate gentle parent.
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