I conquered my sugar addiction!

Over the past 7 months, I have lost 30 pounds by cutting out grains from my diet, decreasing my refined sugar intake and increasing my vegetable consumption. The diet goes by the name Paleo although I am not a hard-core Paleo advocate. My diet more closely follows The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. I consume raw cream and a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee. I have a handful of chocolate chips sometimes. I eat cheese sometimes.

Anyway, last weekend we celebrated my oldest son’s 8th birthday and we bought cupcakes for the party. I didn’t have one. I was a little tempted because they did look and smell good. Honestly, I very rarely cheat because I love the foods that are allowed on this eating plan. And, by cheat, I mean eat pasta or bread or candy — okay, yes, chocolate chips come close to candy 😉 The next day there were 5 cupcakes left — one for each member of the family. I decided to have one as an experiment — I’m serious. I wanted to see how my taste buds and body reacted to a cupcake. I enjoyed the cupcake but it didn’t knock me off the wagon. I told my husband that if someone offered me a cupcake tomorrow that I could easily decline it. What a victory! I have come to the conclusion that I have conquered my sugar addiction. My taste buds do not crave lots of sugar anymore. I really do enjoy all of the tasty vegetables, herbs, eggs, grass-fed meat and spices that I eat everyday. I have displaced the nutritionally-inferior foods of my past (grains and sugar) with nutritionally-superior foods and I can’t imagine ever going back.

As I’ve stated in a previous post about why I love this diet, I failed to stay on the Atkins diet 10 years ago because I didn’t address a root problem of mine — my sweet tooth. On Atkins, I consumed a lot of artificially sweetened shakes, bars, and candy.

Have you conquered a sugar addiction? Have you had a weight loss success?

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I'm a woman obsessed with the amazing, everlasting, lavish, never-failing LOVE of the Heavenly Father through Jesus. It's my favorite thing to meditate on and to write about. His expression of love has radically transformed me from a joyless, miserable person to the me who is full of joy and love for others because of my radical identity as the beloved of God. I am devoted to my husband and to gently parenting our three boys with Jesus as my model of the ultimate gentle parent.
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One Response to I conquered my sugar addiction!

  1. Interesting–the Atkins Diet was a disaster for me, for the same reason–sugar. I woke up on the fourth day of it, sweating profusely, about to faint and/or vomit. I crawled to the phone and called my husband (a doctor) at work, and he said, “Eat some cereal with sugar on it.” It was incredible–I could literally feel the sugar coursing through my veins like some sort of drug. But I went from feeling like near-death to feeling incredibly alive again–within minutes. I realized that my body needed the sugar, so Atkins was definitely OUT. I found that to lose weight successfully, you have to keep in line with how you regularly eat, but in moderation, and amp up the fruits and veggies. I don’t want to give up sugar, but just keep it in check.

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