In defense of my Primal “diet”

I commented on a blog post by Katie Kimball who questioned the need for high-powered blenders. See here.  I said: “Not me!  Hubby and I started paleo/Primal back in October (and LOVE it).  Our $30 blender does our kids’ smoothies just fine.  We don’t eat many seeds (some nuts, ZERO grains or legumes) nor do we do any baking with nut flours.”

GreatMrG replied to my comment: “No no no!!! Paleo/Primal is just one of the new “low carb” fad diets that may seriously endanger your health.   Mark Sisson’s ‘Primal Blueprint’ is just a calorie restriction program where people get starved of carbs and calories and get some atkins style results. He is another conman with a ‘caring smile’.
What you want is a high carb/low fat diet.  Please read “80 10 10″ by Douglas Graham, it could save your life.  You should be eating tons of fruit, some green veggies, and cutting out the animal protein altogether.
The REAL caveman diet was: – 95% of calories from fresh fruit, 5% from green leaves. – 80-90% of calories from carbohydrates. Protein & fat make up the rest.
No one should torment themselves trying to stick to any diet, but just try to eat a much fruit & veg as you can.”

To which I replied: “Northern primitive people ate almost exclusively meat because there are not many fruits and veggies in the far North.  They would die of starvation trying to follow your recommendations.  They did just fine and without pharmaceuticals on their ultra-low-carb diet.
I’m all for each person finding out what foods are right for their own bodies and their own health.  You will not change my mind by your comments.  I eat amazing real food — grassfed meat, LOTS of veggies and some fruit AND, here’s the best part, I don’t have to convince YOU or anyone else that my eating choices are the right ones for me.  I listen to my body — grains and beans did not do my body good — and I feel a zillion times better now that I do not consume them.
Furthermore, I won’t eat TONS of fruit (although I do eat some) because 1. I don’t want my insulin to spike all the time and 2. any vitamins, mineral and nutrition that you tell me is in a particular fruit I can tell you a vegetable or combo of vegetables that will give me those nutrients WITHOUT the insulin spike.
And your last sentence leaves me scratching my head.  I LOVE the foods that I eat on my “diet” and do not feel deprived at all.  Good food, good health and good relationships are what I call a happy life — and, thank You, Lord, I have all of those in abundance.
Feel free to debate me on this but again you won’t change MY mind,  just as I don’t expect to change your mind.”

Then I added: “Okay, one more comment in defense of my particular paleo/Primal/no-grain “diet” (because everyone’s choice of foods is different). The foods that I consume every day (the flesh of pastured animals, the flesh of plants but not the seeds, and pastured eggs from my backyard hens) are nutrient-dense. I would not hestitate for a moment to compare the nutrient value of my foods to the foods of someone who eats a lot of grains and legumes (which are inferior to flesh foods). Why are they inferior? Anti-nutrients: lectins, gluten and phytates. It is true that most people can sustain themselves on grains and legumes, but my argument is that those foods are inferior and not nearly as nutritious as flesh foods (incl. the flesh of plants). I do not believe that grains and legumes can give me the health and vitality that flesh foods can, thus I buy and eat with great enjoyment the more nutritious flesh foods that give me amazing health.”


About thecrunchymamachronicles

I'm a woman obsessed with the amazing, everlasting, lavish, never-failing LOVE of the Heavenly Father through Jesus. It's my favorite thing to meditate on and to write about. His expression of love has radically transformed me from a joyless, miserable person to the me who is full of joy and love for others because of my radical identity as the beloved of God. I am devoted to my husband and to gently parenting our three boys with Jesus as my model of the ultimate gentle parent.
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